Happy Start Counseling Services provides individual, family, and group counseling for women struggling with a wide variety of issues. Individual and family sessions are provided in the comfort of your home. Appointments are available 7 days per week.  Schedule your first session today by calling (786)234-6246.  Hablamos Español

While the birth of a baby can be a joyous time, many women may experience some form of depression during pregnancy or after giving birth (known as perinatal depression).  There are different degrees of changes in mood during this time. You may be experiencing anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts or just plain stress.  Through individual counseling sessions we can teach you to cope with your anxiety, control you intrusive thoughts, work through depression and reduce overall stress.  Individual, family and group sessions are available. 


The first year after giving birth is a time filled with many changes for you and your baby.  It can be difficult to adjust to the demands of motherhood, the changes in the dynamics of your relationship with your partner or perhaps your unmet expectations of what motherhood was supposed to be like. Together we can develop a wellness plan that can guide you back to health, help you reach a balance in your life and feel like yourself again.  Individual, family and group sessions are available.


One in six couples are faced with infertility issues.  Infertility can cause us to feel sadness, anxiety, resentments, anger and jealousy.  As a result, couples find that their relationship is negatively impacted and they are left struggling emotionally.   Many individuals seek counseling to work through these emotions as well as process treatment options available to them.  Individual and family sessions are available.


Emotional wellness is an integral part of living a fulfilling life.  Whether you are deal with grief/loss, a career change, going through divorce, or suffer from chronic mental illness it affects women and men differently.  Our clinicians provide specialized treatment geared towards womenCoaching and Individual counseling sessions available. 

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